International Birthday

Birthday in Ibiza

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I promised myself that I would be celebrating my birthday is 2018 somewhere international. The year was full of exciting anticipation for my birthday because I knew that it would be somewhere awesome! DUH! However, I had no idea where I would be. As the month of September approached me I got more anxious. I had nothing in place. But I didn’t panic. I have been doing a lot of personal work and one thing I have been practicing is faith. Faith in manifestation and that the best will happen for me. One thing that helps with all this is opening a line of communication. Thank god I opened up (which is hard for me) and told my friend who lives in Ibiza that no matter what I had to carry out this pact. I mean, if I can’t keep a pact to myself who can I keep one to. Right? Well, thank goodness I spoke up because immediately the option to celebrate in Spain came available and as long as I got myself out there my pact would be fulfilled!!! And of course I am not going to let myself down!

Specifically the night of my Birthday my girl arranged for a chef to come and cook a home cooked meal for everyone attending our night out celebration. Mostly to fuel us for the all nighter we were about to have. They also presented me with a beautiful cake. By the way, I literally stood in front of the fridge with a spoon and finished the entire cake. By myself. This is not surprising if you know me. I LOVE TO EAT! Which is why i work out. To eat!

SO I must say a BIG thank you to my Best Friend and friends in Ibiza! My birthday was one for the books. I was able to attend some amazing restaurants, meet new people, dress up for my favorite club: Insomnia (Music ON nights) and workout on the beach. Makes me look forward to every birthday!